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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Are our mother and sister not a 'Women"??

Must read News and congrutaltion to Amar Ujala Team to expose the real face of Ranjana Kumari like so called social activist who openly support the legal terrorism ( Misuse of 498a) and do not respect the Supreme court instruction to stop that.

Ranjana Dadi, first stop kill our unborn sisters and stop legal terrorism.

Tell our sister's Parents to give them the equall right for thier parental property, education instead of considering the burden and ensure that rest of the life she should depend on her husabnds money and property, instead of hiding behind the word "Dowry" and demand dowry in front of Police, judges openly from the husabnds family and cheating thier own daughter's right.

Come the court room and show me one case where the husbands family
demand money from wives family .. in all the cases it is the dirty , money
minded girls family only openly asking dowry from husbands family.

That is the 21st century reality and you all are trying to fool the peopleand sending our mother/sister behind the bar without any investigation.

Do you think that , all the wives born in Raja Harish chandra family and allthe husbands born in criminal family?

When you say our Indian Wives have whole sale free lincence to kill our unborn sister as her on birth right , it clearly shows what type of mind set you have.

Millions of unborn sisters had been killed before thier born and you say
it is right? Recal your Statement in Star News Programme.

Shame to you and it is our bad luck that women like you treated as so calledSocial activist of our coutry, who openly support to send our mother/pregentsister behind the bar without any investigations.

Are our mother and sister not a 'Women"??


  • At 2:27 AM, Blogger saveindianchild said…

    Mail From :

    Feminists need to know the difference between empowerment of women and
    DO LEAST TO EMPOWER WOMEN. For law makers mothers and sisters are not
    women who can be victims of domestic violence. In every complaint by a
    women under the so called women empowerment act (like 498A, dowry, and
    DV act), it is only the person in the role and form of wife that needs
    protection and none else. Even going by very conservative estimates,
    assuming that a guy has one mother and one sister, the multiplier
    effect these complaints have on women is phenomenal. This is what is
    not considered by our law makers while drafting these highly loaded
    and unbalanced laws/acts. There is nobody to listen to the plight of
    these women. There has to be rational and balanced view of social
    fabric while framing laws. This is why the situation has gone from bad
    to worst and the real victims are made to suffer. The large scale
    misuse of these laws has already been desceibed as crying wolf by none
    less than a learned judge of the High court.

  • At 2:35 AM, Blogger saveindianchild said…

    Mail from :
    Excellent !! This is indeed over-empowerment of wives and not
    empowerment of women !



  • At 5:33 AM, Blogger saveindianchild said…

    Mail from :


    What Ranjan madam is following here is something which has RULED in
    India from last 100s of years.We may brief it as "CCP" expanded to
    Cheap & Cunning Politics.The easiest way earn Name, Fame & Money.

    They keep shouting Women, women, women....But what the hell are they
    doing for the Women actually?

    Are they actually solving the women's problems & if so what problem?
    They just have one stupid answer......."Equality for Women".

    Just after listening to this phrase "Equality to Women" ...a very
    strange question hits my mind. If Women were to be Equal to
    ANATOMICAL & EMOTIONAL FEATURES?" Should we take the reply that God was
    stupid enough to make such a mistake . or should we believe that these
    modern day Politicians & Feminists are much more wiser than GOD
    ALMIGHTY himself?

    God himself has given a distinction to both the sexes .A Man can never
    be a Mother (the most respected relation to any human & even amimals).
    A Man can never be a Sister( the most loved relation).

    I our country we follow all religions & all religions have given A
    Woman a higher authority than a Man. Mother Mary & Maa Durga are
    worshipped thruout the world.

    Now Comes the Feminists Propaganda......Women, Women, women....???

    Just a few questions to these Vote seeking & publicity seeking females:

    1.First & foremost, Who in your own family suffered, & whose revenge
    are you taking from the entire nation & society? Please be honest to
    yourself at least.

    2. What have you done for the women who are starving across the roads ,
    in cities & villages in our country? Do you even have a count of this?

    3. Who is following up for Female Foeticides laws in India? take it
    from me....The 498a active females are foeticide active females.Reason:
    Both of them have a common characteristic of GREED.

    4. Did you ever study the stats of aftermaths of 498A & so? No you
    never bothered.because if you really do, your heart will revert against
    your mind & if u get enlightened u have to part with this cheap
    political dramas & cheap publicity.Let me help you here only 2% are

    5. How many girls are raped? What is the social security of those who
    dont even have shelters? Who did what for them? Now please dont show
    any stats on a piece of Paper, please study the ground reality.

    6.Where are millions of Dollars received from UN & World bank being
    spent? I need to laugh here....Ha Ha ..TO MAKE WOMEN CELLS. Respected
    Madams, please try to provide homes/shelter to Indian Women rather than
    providing Cells (Jails) to Indian Men.

    7.Nearly 20% women in India strive hard to get the basic necessities
    of Food , Clothing & Shelter & you are spending Millions of Dollars to
    upgrade(so called) the standard of those women who are already amongst
    the top 20% of the hierarchy chart.

    I request you all with Folded Hands to stop this cheap & ugly practice

    Let the Indian families & Indian Culture prosper.

    Dont pressurise our country with the laws which could not even copy
    properly from the West.

    Above all, please do not punish the whole country, society & culture in
    the fire of your PERSONAL FAMILY REVENGE.




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