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Monday, August 07, 2006

Why 498A can't be applicable for both Mum and Dad ?

Why 498A can't be applicable for both Mum and Dad ?

In response of Anti SIF voice means want a BIF our so called Sriram uncle or auntie's view:-"

Sriram uncle or auntie , for your kind information if you are my dad and beat my mum definitely you deserve to get punishment as per the IPC LAW blackmailing, attempt to murder and hurt to injury is already there, but definetely not the family killer 498A is required.

If you're mum does not harass your dad, then why you need 498a only for your mum?

If your mum does not do any thing 498A will not be used in that case at all..very simple, so let make this 498A applicable for both mum and dad and who ever will ask illegal money/property instead of earning the same by their hard work, will go to jail.
This is my view.
Now answer this question, in the road if any one abuse your mum what you will do ?.. every one knows and you do it proudly.

And now in your own mother's home when a dirty DIL( So called wives) abuse and throw them out of house, refuse to give them the necessary medical care, refuse to give them to talk to your mum, what you will do?

A mum who had completed all the responsibility as a daughter, as a wives, as a mother will be termed as a criminal without any small evidence?

Why 498A does not need a small evidence before arresting any TOM, DICK or herry ?

For the need of sex you forget your mother's milk to blindly support your so called money minded Pimps?

Please remember this is not the fight between dad and mum, if so let remove the word "relative" from the 498A..

Why those pimps are coming in between the fight or love between our dad and mum.

Now if your mum start to beg for a part time dad , for that you have to think what you have to do, your dad have to always beg to see your face irrespective he does the sex or does not do the sex with your mum, but the same is not applicable for your mum, she have all the right to have sex with multiple part time dad and that is not a crime.... if any punishment applicable , in that case also your part time dad will be punished.

If some one can't think honestly, that is not the kush's responsibility."

Latest Update: Haramzdhi's Group so called Deshi Critics or Deshi Cowered writers/blogers dirty face get exposed due to the Voice of Kush "Why 498A can't be applicable for both Mum and Dad ?".

They all get scared and lost thier Night Sleep.

As a Result they thretened to Ban the Name of Kush in thier Group otherwise they will Chop off the Balls of DC Editors/Moderators. At the end the Editor surrender in the Hand to Haramzadhi Feminist writers/blogers and Baned the Name Kush.

AamanURLAugust 4, 200606:04 AM "No prizes for guessing who is 'Baned'"

Fight between Child Killer vs Child Saver will Continue till the time all those Haramzadhi will not be behind the bar for Killing the Child/Child abuse/forcing a child to live under single parenting system.

Save Indain Child form Haramzadhi Feminist group, if you you have some social responsibility , otherwise continue your money earning business through Legal Terrorism in India.

We do not want part time Fathers every night basis...

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