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Friday, June 16, 2006

A Child Hater Feminist Auntie- Want money in the Name of Child!!!

A Child Hater Feminist Auntie- Want money in the Name of Child!!!


The same auntie, few days back described and justify for Kush mentioning that:-
" Kush you are a Unwanted Child", so just shut Up.

Wonder, what is the mistake of Kush, if his mother says He is a "Unwanted Child"?

Kush had never Press the button of his mother or any auntie, to bring him in this world.

The above feminist auntie, does not stop here:-

Verbal abuse and using dirty words her on Birth right and looks she got that as a Gin from her ..( Edited).

For example:

" Choop off the Mens Ball"

" What the Fuck Brin Lara think..?"

Brun the ashholes..."

" Fuck off.."

It seems the auntie had a whole sale free lincence and got interesting education from her Parents , only to make Dirty Verbal Abuse and in her home no one have any Balls to teach her the right path.

Now the same Feminsit auntie, want to clean her face in the name of Child wellfare and asking money, so that she can enjoy in "Five star hotel or arrange a Dance Party at India Gate".. and produly say " Save Indian Child".

A lot of Radhika, Kush, Maitry.. are every day abused, their future had been made Black by those "Feminist Child hater Auntie"..

" More than 1000 Goverment NGO formed in the Name of Child well fare and alot of money had been invested from India as well as out side India, still do not understand why Radhika have go through such dirty game?"

If those People can't save the Indian Child, why our Uncle's can't ask to shut thier Business Shop?

At last, those child hater, does not produce a Child, they kill the child before they born, today making a "Money earning Business" in the Name of Child well fare, instead of try to understand what A " Indian Child " really want.

Money can't give a good education/moral to a child, for that need a love and care...who says it is right?

A child hater, a Child Killer, A child abuser, instead of getting a Life, today doing drama and want to clean thier face...

Are we ready to forgive them ?

Every one frozen by " A Dirty Child hater women" to save thier Balls?

Stop this Money making Business in the Name of Child wellfare and Stop " Single parenting System" , if your Balls are ineffective, hide in a Dark room by those Child hater Feminist auntie's activity.

Your unwanted Child

Kush S Bag

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