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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Indian Uncle and Auntie

This is the story of lot of our Indian uncle and aunties:-

Before Marriage , auntie Says :

" When I meet to your uncle , he was a little arrogent,little spend thrift towards his friends, little irresponsible, but he had a good job and I thought Once we will got married, he will change and will be responsible towards our family."

But reality is , Uncle does not change after marriage also, the same guy before and after marriage exactly Carbon Copy.

Then I go to some uncle :

-" When I meet with your auntie, she was good to talk, nice to speek, very responsible and used to show the huge sympathy towards my parents. So I thought she is the right girl I look for and she will never change and will be like this only after marriage also."

The reality is , Auntie got changed after marrige very fast .

I don't know , let you all uncle and auntie decided your self, how much true this in your own life.


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